Data-Driven Sustainability: Transforming the Built Environment for a Greener Tomorrow 

A free Webinar by RE Tech Advisors.

The built environment has a significant impact on our global carbon emissions at nearly forty percent. To improve the environmental and financial performance of these buildings, accurate and actionable data is crucial.  In fact, data is the foundation and the starting point in any sustainability-related impact whether used for risk management, reporting purposes or in decision-making.  While it has been a heavily discussed topic over the past decade, there remains opportunities, issues and obstacles around sustainability metrics and data capture where it intersects with the built environment. This session will explore how to gather additional and better data, how to analyze sustainability data and how this data can be used to identify energy efficiency opportunities, reduce emissions and other utilities, improve financial performance, and promote more sustainable buildings. We will discuss various techniques on gathering data, trends in data visualization and key performance indicators to drive efforts towards achieving energy and decarbonization goals.  This webinar will provide you with insights from leading industry experts on the importance of data, risks related to data, insights on the tools, and the future of data.  Join us as we explore how sustainability data is paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.