ESG Rotational Program

The ESG Rotational Program provides on-the-job training in a wide range of knowledge, skills and abilities needed for a career in the ESG industry. This program supports candidates transitioning to the professional environment and candidates that are looking to make a career shift into ESG.  RE Tech’s ESG Rotational Program fosters camaraderie among peers while exposing the participants to different areas of work in ESG and across RE Tech, contributing to work on different teams and with different clients. 

Key Benefits of the Program

  • Comprehensive Learning

    Explore ESG practices through a structured curriculum and hands-on experiences.

  • Diverse Rotations

    Rotate through various departments, gaining a 360-degree understanding of our ESG and company initiatives.

  • Networking Opportunities

    Connect with industry leaders, experts, and like-minded peers.

  • Mentorship

    Get paired with experienced professionals to guide your journey.

  • Skill Enhancement

    Participate in workshops and training sessions tailored to develop your professional skills in the realm of ESG.

Embrace Your Passion or Pivot Your Path: At the heart of our ESG journey are individuals deeply connected to sustainability. Whether you’ve championed green initiatives, contributed to social upliftment, or simply carry an innate urge to make a difference, your passion is a cornerstone of meaningful impact.

If you’re contemplating a career transition into ESG, you’re in the right place. We value experience, but we cherish diverse perspectives even more. From tech to arts, finance to any realm, we believe your unique journey can introduce fresh, invaluable insights to the ESG landscape.

Ready to Embark on Your ESG Journey?
If you’re driven by sustainability and eager to join the world of ESG, we’re looking for you.
Dive deeper into the opportunity and take the first step towards making an impactful difference.

RE Tech Advisors is a Legence company – you will be redirected to their careers portal to view and apply for open positions at RE Tech.


“As part of the ESG Rotational program, I was introduced to a team of inventive and passionate professionals who deeply care about sustainability and real estate. Being committed to our client base of industry leaders who are driving sustainability initiatives globally, I was provided with the opportunity to realize my own professional growth objects in both the ESG arena and corporate world.” – Kaytlynn Welsch

“The ESG Rotational program was the best place to step into the workforce because it is based in continual learning. I was exposed to every aspect of ESG, from digging deep into data analysis to providing insight and advice to clients beginning their ESG journey. I was also able to build relationships across the company’s varying programs that encouraged me to continue to explore my own unique passions within the ESG space.” – Sam Kuhn

“The ESG Rotational Program did a wonderful job exposing me to various opportunities across RE Tech’s numerous service offerings.” – Jack Quigley