Introducing Trove™, a Groundbreaking Sustainability Management Platform for the Built Environment

Innovative software will help aggregate RE Tech client’s environmental sustainability and decarbonization performance to enhance decision-making capabilities, prioritize investments, and maximize building emissions reductions.

RE Tech Advisors, operating at the intersection of sustainability, technology, and the built environment, today unveiled Trove™. Trove is a groundbreaking web-based platform designed to improve performance, reduce risk, optimize decarbonization projects, and provide commercial real estate (CRE) insights for clients. Leveraging RE Tech’s expertise as an award-winning decarbonization and sustainability program advisor, Trove provides unparalleled insights and utilizes comprehensive data from trusted sources like ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager to ensure regulatory compliance and empower businesses in achieving their sustainability goals.

Decarbonization efforts for the built environment are accelerating as businesses and institutions set ambitious sustainability goals, navigate stricter policies and regulations, and strive to improve financial performance. However, efficiently tracking progress can be a complex hurdle. Trove by RE Tech addresses this critical need by simplifying measurement, analysis, and reporting of decarbonization goals. Clients using Trove will gain clear, actionable insights to answer investor questions and showcase key performance indicators from the building level up to the fund and across their entire portfolio. This data-driven approach underpins key investment decisions and ensures robust accountability at every project stage.

“Many organizations struggle to navigate today’s complex regulatory landscape,” said Jeff Sprau, CEO of Legence, RE Tech’s parent company. “At Legence, we’re on a mission to streamline this process through unparalleled data transparency and cutting-edge modeling techniques that really move the needle. For years, building owners and operators have clamored for clear, industry-wide insights and benchmarks. Trove will deliver these on an unprecedented scale, ensuring our clients optimize their investments’ efficiency while staying ahead of the regulatory curve.”

Trove unlocks immediate value for clients by harnessing the power of data. Its comprehensive access, intuitive visualization tools, and built-in decision-making support data-driven choices with confidence. Trove goes beyond basic reporting, proactively identifying risks and opportunities that align with overall sustainability goals across Legence clients’ 22,000 buildings, representing $1.5 trillion of assets under management.

“Trove’s launch reflects our unwavering commitment to empowering clients,” said Deb Cloutier, President of RE Tech Advisors. “It equips them with the resources to make cost-effective, data-driven decisions that propel them towards their sustainability goals. We go beyond mere compliance – Trove is a catalyst for industry transformation, enabling businesses to intelligently and efficiently optimize building performance and reduce climate-related risk.”

Trove will now be available to existing clients as requested, and Legence plans to roll out Trove and future enhancements across its broader client base in the months to come.

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