Our Sustainability Management platform is now client-facing!

Trove. Powered by RE Tech.

Unlock a Wealth of Data Insights

Introducing Trove, a cutting-edge Sustainability Management Platform that redefines data management for the built environment. More than just a storage hub, Trove transforms data into intuitive visualizations and comprehensive insights at the property- and portfolio-level. RE Tech has used Trove internally for data visualization, insights, analytics, essential property-level sustainability data, comparative benchmarks, and forecasting. Now you can, too! 

The RE Tech Difference

Data Quality and Management

  • On-going focus on data quality and standards

  • Data estimation capabilities

  • Managed by sustainability experts

  • Comprehensive sustainability data for built environment

Analytics and Visualization

  • Portfolio and fund rollup metrics

  • Easily recognize trends and patterns

  • Showcase progress over time

  • Comparative analytics across RE Tech benchmarks


  • Key performance indicators to drive decision-making

  • Scenario planning for decarbonization

  • Compliance tracking and monitoring

  • Identify and analyze at-risk buildings

Discover the Value

With Trove, you’ll have access to intuitive data visualization for your commercial real estate portfolios. The program is dedicated to maintaining high data quality standards, along with comparative analytics across portfolios against RE Tech benchmarks.​ Use Trove for forecasting and scenario planning to support decision making on energy efficiency/decarbonization projects.

The Trove Advantage

Unlike comparable services, Trove is the only platform that delivers on

  • Portfolio and Fund Level Analysis
  • Transition Risk Management
  • Scenario Planning
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Meter Level Emissions Granularity
  • Data Estimation (coming soon!)

For more information or a Demo, please contact trove@retechadvisors.com.