Practical Data Management.

BenchSMART® software monitors environmental, social, and governance (ESG) key performance indicators, enhancing RE Tech Advisors’ ability to support clients in meeting financial objectives across large and diverse investments.

RE Tech Advisors’ industry-leading sustainability analysis platform

Leveraging the increasing availability of data on building performance, RE Tech Advisors developed BenchSMART, its proprietary and automated analysis, tracking, and ESG data management platform. BenchSMART uses various algorithms to flag errors in utility data, highlight performance anomalies, and help identify opportunities for savings through no- and low- cost operational adjustments and cost-effective capital investments via detailed graphic visualizations and reporting functions. Scanning millions of data points, BenchSMART software monitors energy and water performance and other select KPIs to track progress and identify opportunities for improved building and program performance.

BenchSMART helps real estate professionals capture, understand, and navigate the vast array of performance data available, better monitor and manage costs, mitigate risks, and reduce the environmental impact of real estate investments. By combining multiple data sources, including EPA ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®, in-person and Engineer in a Box® property site-visits, input from property management teams, and client databases, BenchSMART provides a comprehensive view of building performance and a secure platform for ESG reporting and decision making.

Why BenchSMART?

  • Analytic Foundation

    BenchSMART provides the analytic foundation of RE Tech’s portfolio and real estate services. RE Tech consultants, engineers, project managers, and LEED certified staff use BenchSMART daily to track the systems and equipment, status of projects, available utility incentives, and utility performance at each of our clients’ properties.

  • Intuitive and Automated

    Intuitive, automated reports can summarize performance at the building, fund, and portfolio level and are tailored to various audiences, including property management teams, asset managers, and portfolio managers.

  • Certification and Reporting Support

    BenchSMART enhances efforts to obtain ENERGY STAR, LEED, and other building certifications, and aids in the preparation of reporting to numerous sustainability protocols, including the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the EPA National Building Competition, the ULI Greenprint Center for Building Performance, and the DOE Better Buildings Challenge.

What are BenchSMART’s key features?

BenchSMART was designed to specifically meet the management, reporting, analysis, and operational needs of today’s sophisticated real estate organizations. BenchSMART provides temporary use of non-downloadable software for analysis of energy consumption and assessment of return on investment in real estate holdings. Specific features include:

  • Exchange Data via Web Services capabilities with EPA ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

  • Normalization of energy data for weather, occupancy, and operating characteristics.

  • Sustainability project tracking from identification and proposal, through budget approval, construction, and completion.

  • Environmental Management System (EMS) data analysis.

  • Utility incentive and rebate identification, tracking, and quantification.

  • Customizable data management and savings analysis capabilities, allowing for accurate and defensible reporting on energy, water, and greenhouse gas consumption, costs, and reductions.

  • Intuitive graphics and data visualization tools to monitor and interpret property and portfolio results.

  • Contact management and communications tracking, documenting interactions with on-site property teams, utilities, and service providers.