Earth Day 2024

Water-Saving Tips!

Water is a vital commodity for sustaining life on Earth. By acknowledging our responsibility and taking action, we can reduce our daily water consumption. Minor adjustments in our routines, like utilizing dishwashers and inspecting fixtures and pipes, contribute to collective efforts in reducing water usage within society. Here are a few easy steps you can take to conserve water usage:

Earth Day 2024

Earth Day Volunteer Ideas

Monday, April 22 marks Earth Day in the United States, a holiday created to honor and raise awareness for the environment and its protection. Global climate change has been at the forefront of national and international news, so it is appropriate that celebrating Earth Day is of critical importance. Below are some suggestions as to how you can get involved with Earth Day activities near our office locations in the Metro DC and Dallas areas, and beyond! 

Securities and Exchange Commission website

SEC Climate Disclosures Ruling 

On March 6, 2024 the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) issued their final rule requiring the standardized disclosure of climate-related risks, including related governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets. SEC Chair Gary Gensler noted that the final rule provides “investors with consistent, comparable, decision-useful information, and issuers with clear reporting requirements.”